ALLEO is the aligner capable of best expressing the professionalism of practitioners by ensuring greater involvement of patients in their compliance with the treatment.

The entire process is guided by the DSL platform for an orthodontic device tailored to the patient - and the practitioner.

ALLEO is fully Made in Italy and refined by hand for optimal comfort.

ALLEO is another high-quality option for the clinician and expands the range of possibilities for the treatment of orthodontic cases.


Treatment plan designed and built with equal quality standards throughout Italy

Thermoformed at 6 ATM on 3D printed models for a very high precision product

Thermoformed on 0.8-PET-G material with a final thickness of approximately 0.6mm

Cutting and refining by hand

Vestibular cut at the gingival edge of teeth, linear palatine-lingual cut from canine to canine and at the gingival edge from the 4th to the last tooth

Exclusive attachments designed in cooperation with ALLEO Ad board


1 – Exceptional transparency

2 – Greater elasticity, thanks to which light and constant forces are transmitted

3 – Optimal fit and perfect retention

4 – Exceptionally smooth surface and rounded margins for greater comfort

5 – High resistance to breakage

ALLEOmeans alliance

Discover the DSL platform

Help & Support

Chat dedicated to the individual case where DSL and the practitioner can interact and find all the contents about the treatment.

Possibility to talk to the person who designed the treatment plan


Every registered practitioner can rely on the DSL design support.


Il DSLAB si occupa del ritiro gratuito, dello sviluppo e del caricamento delle impronte.


They take care of the free pickup, development and loading of impressions.


ALLEO is another high-quality option for the practitioner and expands the range of possibilities for the treatment of orthodontic cases.

ALLEO flow

New case

The practitioner enters the diagnosis in the Platform and sends the impressions / uploads the digital impressions.


DSL develops, evaluates and uploads digital impressions

Case study

By following the clinical indications, DSL proposes a treatment plan


The practitioner evaluates the proposal thanks to the Smile Preview and completes the order


DSL manufactures the aligners according to the treatment plan and sends them to the address of the selected Practitioner


The Practitioner gives the Patient his first ALLEO and the Smile Box


Each ALLEO treatment is delivered free of charge in a Treatment Box, where the practitioner can find the instructions, additional documents and the duly divided and numbered aligners. Together with the treatment, the Smile Box ALLEO will be delivered, a kit designed to help each patient in the daily management of the aligners:

  • Patient's instructions
  • ALLEO slim case
  • Antibacterial and disinfectant spray
  • A clutch to take everything with themselves.

A clutch to take everything with themselves

ALLEO can be purchased with different payment options to leave the Practitioner free to choose the best treatment on the basis of the patient’s needs.

Tailor-made ALLEO

Each smile is unique: just pay for the aligners the patient needs!

Initial set-up

Aligners expected in the treatment plan

First retainer

Template for attachments


The Tailor-made plan, plus a set of refinements at a convenient price!

All the features of the Tailor-made plan

Six refinement aligners Extra ALLEO

Complete ALLEO

An all-inclusive plan to manage in tranquillity the most complex cases!

All the features of the Tailor-Made plan

Delivery in stages with intermediate control

Refinement aligners


Reprints for breakages and losses

Up to two set-ups for retrieval

Treatment by stages

For treatment plans purchased with the Complete ALLEO option, the delivery is divided in stages of 10 aligners per arch
and an intermediate check-up retainer to be worn for 10 days by the Patient is provided.
If necessary, we will review the treatment!

Timely support for the control of the case progress

The obligation of intermediate check-up qualifies the Provider in the Patient's eyes

Higher probability of completing the treatment according to the plan

Intermediate results let the Patient feel looked after

The achievement of micro-goals is more motivating