ALLEO+ can be used both as aesthetic therapy for the maxillary dentoalveolar expansion and as a pre-treatment device with aligners.

Thanks to the action of the nickel-titanium springs present in the HYBRID MODE EXPANDER, it makes a constant pressure on the posterior quadrants which leads to a controlled expansion with a gain of space in the arch. Therefore, it consents to reduce or even eliminate the IPR and also to decrease the total number of aligners.

ALLEO+ is a DSL exclusive product.


HYBRID MODE EXPANDER (World Wide Patented Device) è nato specificatamente per realizzare ALLEO+

Thin arms

The 1.1 mm diameter of the arms minimizes the encumbrance while ensuring the correct transmission of the expansive strength

Innovative internal mechanism

The internal mechanism is specially designed to facilitate an easy removal-application of the device by the patient

Release of a constant pressure

The springs, thanks to the exclusive design of the HYBRID MODE EXPANDER, have a pure superelastic behavior, which ensures the release of a constant pressure of 450 or 900 grams on the posterior teeth.

Controlled expansion

The maximum expansion is 4 mm (2 mm per hemiarcade)

Camilla – 27 years old
Dental Class I
Posteriorly contracted bite
Anterior open bite

April 2019

October 2019

Per gentile concessione della Dott.ssa Valentina Lanteri

Why use ALLEO+?

  • To expand the arch obtaining space.
  • To reduce or eliminate the need for stripping.
  • To decrease the number of aligners to be used in the next therapy.
  • To check the patient's aptitude for therapy with removable devices.
  • To get the best possible results in acceptable time.
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